IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance
in VLSI Systems (DFT 2002)
6-8 November 2002
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Tuesday, 5 November 2002

18:30 - 21:00 Registration

Wednesday, 6 November 2002

07:30 Registration & Breakfast

08:00 Opening Session

08:15 Session 1: Yield I
         Chair: I. Koren - UMASS Amherst, U.S.A.

01.1 Manufacturability Analysis of Analog CMOS ICs Through Examination of Multiple Layout Solutions
        P. Khademsameni, M. Syrzycki

01.2 Effect of Static Power Dissipation in Burn-In Environment on Yield and Reliability of VLSI
        A. Vassighi, O. Semenov, M. Sachdev, A. Keshavarzi

01.3 Yield Estimates for the TESH Multicomputer Network
        B. M. Maziarz, V. K. Jain

09:20 Session 2: Crosstalk Faults
         Chair: R. Aitken - Agilent Technologies, U.S.A.

02.1 A Simplified Gate-Level Fault Model for Crosstalk Effects Analysis
        P. Civera, L. Macchiarulo, M. Violante

02.2 A Test-Vector Generation Methodology for Crosstalk Noise Faults
        H. Hashempour, Y.-B. Kim, N. Park

10:05 Break

10:30 Session 3: Self-Checking and ABFT
         Chair: F. M. Gonçalves - IST/INESC-ID, Portugal

03.1 A Parity Code Based Fault Detection for an Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard
        G. Bertoni, L. Breveglieri, I. Koren, P. Maistri, V. Piuri

03.2 Designing Self-Checking FPGAs Through Error Detection Codes
        C. Bolchini, F. Salice, D. Sciuto

03.3 Self-Checking Checker for 1-out-of-n Code Based on Current-Mode CMOS Logic
        J. Mathew, E. Dubrova

03.4 Partially Duplicated Code-Disjoint Carry-Skip Adder
        D. Marienfeld, V. Ocheretnij, M. Goessel, E. S. Sogomonyan

03.5 Input Ordering in Concurrent Checkers to Reduce Power Consumption
        K. Mohanram, N. A. Touba

12:20 Lunch

13:50 Session 4: Fault Simulation and Injection I
         Chair: Z. Koren - UMASS Amherst, U.S.A.

04.1 New Methods for Evaluating the Impact of Single Event Transients in VDSM ICs
        D. Alexandrescu, L. Anghel, M. Nicolaidis
        (E. Dupont)

04.2 Injecting Bit Flips Faults by Means of a Purely Software Approach: A Case Studied
        R. Velazco, A. Corominas, P. Ferreyra

04.3 Gate-Delay Fault Diagnosis Using the Inject-and-Evaluate Paradigm
        H.-B. Wang, S.-Y. Huang, J.-R. Huang

14:55 Session 5: Scan Design
         Chair: M. Rebaudengo - Politecnico di Torino, Italy

05.1 Scan Architecture Design for Shift and Capture Cycle Power Reduction
        P. M. Rosinger, B. M. Al-Hashimi, N. Nicolici

05.2 Inserting Test Points to Control Peak Power During Scan Testing
        R. Sankaralingam, N. A. Touba

05.3 Adaptable Voltage Scan Testing of Charge-Sharing Faults for Domino Circuits
        C.-H. Cheng

16:00 Break

16:25 Session 6: Test Application
         Chair: M. Alderighi - CNR, Italy

06.1 Matrix-Based Test Vector Decompression Using an Embedded Processor
        K. J. Balakrishnan, N. A. Touba

06.2 Data Compression for System-on-Chip Testing Using ATE
        F. Karimi, W. Meleis, Z. Navabi, F. Lombardi

17:10 Session 7: Test Generation
         Chair: X. Sun - University of Alberta, Canada

07.1 Fortuitous Detection and Its Impact on Test Set Sizes Using Stuck-At and Transition Faults
        J. Dworak, J. Wingfield, B. Cobb, S. Lee, L.-C. Wang, M. R. Mercer

07.2 Test Time Reduction in a Manufacturing Environment by Combining BIST and ATE
        H. Hashempour, F. J. Meyer, F. Lombardi

07.3 Testing Digital Circuits with Constraints
        A. A. Al-Yamani, S. Mitra, E. J. McCluskey
        (N. A. Touba)

Thursday, 7 November 2002

07:30 Registration & Breakfast

08:00 Session 8: Concurrent Error Detection
         Chair: S. D'Angelo - CNR, Italy

08.1 On-Line Testing of Transient Faults Affecting Functional Blocks of FCMOS, Domino and FPGA-Implemented Self-Checking Circuits
        C. Metra, S. di Francescantonio, G. Marrale

08.2 Self-Checking and Fault Tolerance Quality Assessment Using Fault Sampling
        F. M. Gonçalves, M. B. Santos, I. C. Teixeira, J. P. Teixeira

08.3 A Memory Overhead Evaluation of the Interleaved Signature Instruction Stream
        F. Rodríguez, J. C. Campelo, J. J. Serrano

08.4 Fault-Tolerant CAM Architectures: A Design Framework
        F. Salice, M. G. Sami, R. Stefanelli

09:30 Session 9: Fault Simulation and Injection II
         Chair: M. Margala - University of Rochester, U.S.A.

09.1 SEU-Like Injection Experiments Using Run-Time Reconfiguration
        L. Antoni, R. Leveugle, B. Fehér

09.2 A Fault Hypothesis Study on the TTP/C Using VHDL-Based and Pin-Level Fault Injection Techniques
        S. Blanc, J. Gracia, P. J. Gil

09.3 Fault List Compaction Through Static Timing Analysis for Efficient Fault Injection Experiments
        M. Sonza Reorda, M. Violante

10:35 Break

11:05 Session 10: Interconnect
         Chair: Y. Savaria, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada

10.1 Performance of Deadlock-Free Adaptive Routing for Hierarchical Interconnection Network TESH
        S. Horiguchi, Y. Miura

10.2 Modeling of FPGA Local/Global Interconnect Resources and Derivation of Minimal Test Configurations
        X. Sun, A. Alimohammad, P. Trouborst

10.3 Testing Layered Interconnection Networks
        F. Lombardi, N. Park

12:10 Lunch

13:40 Session 11: Yield II
         Chair: W. Pleskacz - Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

11.1 Repair Yield Simulation with Critical Area Analysis for Each Failure Type (CAA-EFT)
        Y. Hamamura, K. Nemoto, T. Kumazawa, H. Iwata, K. Okuyama, S. Kamohara, A. Sugimoto

11.2 Yield Modeling of a WSI Telcom Router Architecture
        B. Qiu, Y. Savaria, M. Lu, C. Wang, C. Thibeault

14:25 Session 12: System-on-Chip Test
         Chair: T. M. Mak - Intel Corp., U.S.A.

12.1 Fast and Energy-Frugal Deterministic Test Through Test Vector Correlation Exploitation
        O. Sinanoglu, A. Orailoglu

12.2 Adaptive Test Scheduling in SoC's by Dynamic Partitioning
        D. Zhao, S. Upadhyaya

15:10 Excursion to Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain

20:00 Banquet

Friday, 8 November 2002

08:00 Session 13: Feasibility of CED
         Chair: C. Metra - University of Bologna, Italy

13.1 Duplication-Based Concurrent Error Detection in Asynchronous Circuits: Shortcomings and Remedies
        T. Verdel, Y. Makris

13.2 Feasibility Study of Designing TSC Sequential Circuits with 100% Fault Coverage
        S. J. Piestrak

08:50 Session 14: Test
         Chair: M. Syrzycki - Simon Fraser University, Canada

14.1 Emulation-Based Design Errors Identification
        A. Castelnuovo, A. Fin, F. Fummi, F. Sforza

14.2 A New Functional Fault Model for FPGA Application-Oriented Testing
        M. Rebaudengo, M. Sonza Reorda, M. Violante

14.3 Neighbor Current Ratio (NCR): A New Metric for IDDQ Data Analysis
        S. S. Sabade, D. M. H. Walker

14.4 CMOS Standard Cells Characterization for IDDQ Testing
        W. A. Pleskacz, T. Borejko, W. Kuzmicz

14.5 On-Chip Jitter Measurement for Phase Locked Loops
        T. Xia, J.-C. Lo

14.6 Neural Networks-Based Parametric Testing of Analog IC
        V. Stopjaková, D. Micusik, L. Benusková, M. Margala

11:00 Break

11:25 Session 15: Reliable and Repairable Memories
         Chair: R. Stefanelli - Politecnico di Milano, Italy

15.1 Balanced Redundancy Utilization for Dependable Embedded Memory System Core
        M. Choi, N. Park, F. Lombardi, Y.-B. Kim, V. Piuri

15.2 Repairability Evaluation of Embedded Multiple Subregion DRAMs
        Y. Chang, M. Choi, N. Park, F. Lombardi

12:10 Closing Session

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