First International Workshop on

Adaptive and Self-Managing Enterprise Applications


in conjunction with CAISE’05

14 June 2005, Porto, Portugal



CAISE’05 info

CAiSE'05 events, in particular most of the Workshops, some Tutorials and the Doctoral Consortium, will start this coming Monday, June 13, at 9h00 in FEUP, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, at Asprela, Paranhos - Porto.

1. Transfer from the Airport to your Hotel or to FEUP (R. Dr. Roberto Frias, Asprela - Paranhos, Porto)

If you are travelling on TAP you can use the AEROBUS ( free of charge with your boarding card. Otherwise there is a charge. This bus stops at the Porto Palacio Hotel (very close to Sheraton Hotel but nor enough close if you have luggage), Beta Hotel, Douro Hotel, and several other Hotels.

A TAXI from the airport to the Porto costs about 15 euros. You may also take the AEROBUS to a hotel and then take a taxi to your hotel. For instance, if you are at the IBIS S. João Hotel, you can take the AEROBUS to Antas or Beta Hotel and then take a TAXI. The TAXI from Antas or Beta to IBIS S. João costs about 5 euros.

If you are travelling directly to FEUP, ask the taxi to take you to FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia - main entrance) at Asprela - Paranhos, Porto. FEUP is about 5 minutes walking distance from IBIS S. João Hotel.

IF YOU ARE STAYING at Hotel IBIS S. JOÃO, make sure that you tell the taxi driver that this IBIS Hotel is located in Asprela, close to HOSPITAL S. JOÃO.

When returning to the airport you can also use the AEROBUS, but you should ask at the Hotel how to book it in advance.


2. Weather forecast in Porto.

You can find that at several sites, e.g.: and then Porto;

Tuesday, June 7, during most of the day temperature was at 29 C (84 F), Rel. Humidity: 30%, and bright sun (so you can go for a swim in the sea, but notice that water temperature is about 16 C this time of the year).


3. CAiSE summary timetable, including transport from selected Hotels.


The standard timetable for CAiSE is the following one:

8:00 Registration opens at FEUP

8:15 Buses will depart from Hotel Sheraton and Hotel Porto Palácio to FEUP.

9:00 CAiSE events start

REMARK: ASMEA’05 workshop will start at 8:30!!!

10:30 Morning Coffee Break.

11:00 CAiSE events re-start.

12:30 Lunch at FEUP cafeteria.

14:00 CAiSE events re-start.

15:30 Afternoon Coffee Break.

16:00 CAiSE events re-start (and registration closes at FEUP).

17:30 CAiSE events finish for the day.


--> For Workshop and Tutorial participants:

On Monday, 13, 18:00 -- Buses will depart from FEUP to Hotel Sheraton and Hotel Porto Palácio.

On Tuesday, 14, 19:00 -- Buses will depart from FEUP to «Landim Monastery» for the Workshop Dinner.


--> For Main Conference participants:

On Wednesday, 15, 18:00 -- Buses will depart from FEUP to «Freixo Palace» for the Porto Municipality Welcome reception.

On Thursday, 16, 18:00 Buses will depart from FEUP to Hotel Sheraton and Hotel Porto Palácio and then at 20:00 buses will depart from Hotel Sheraton, Hotel Porto Palácio and Hotel Ibis S. João to «Alfândega» for the Conference Dinner. Buses will also pass by Hotel Beta and Hotel Douro just after 20:00 on this day.

On Friday, 17, 16:30 Buses will depart from FEUP to Hotel Sheraton and Hotel Porto Palácio.


4. Access to the Internet at FEUP.

There will be a room with computers for Internet access every day, from 8h00 until 18h00.

Participants with wireless access can also use the facility in most areas of FEUP.


5. Selection of cultural activities in Porto.

--> House of Music:

June 11: Concert for violin and orchestra, op. 77, in d major - Brahms; symphony no.2, op. 43, in d major - Sibelius (Conductor Joseph Swensen Soloist Henning Krageruid).

--> Serralves Contemporary Art Museum:

Permanent Art Exhibitions. A large and beautiful garden with a Tea House / Restaurant.

--> National Theatre S. João :

June 11: Berenice, Jean Racine (in Portuguese)

June 12: Ruínas (in Portuguese)

June 14, 18: Ballet Gulbenkian: Choreography of Didy Veldman, Clara Andermatt, Hervé Robbe, Paulo Ribeiro

--> Port Wine Cellars

If you enjoy port wine, there are many cellars that you can visit. All of them are in GAIA, by the river side. GAIA is the city at the other side of the DOURO river from Porto. You can taste several varieties of Port wine there.


6. Other important information.


If you need special food at the Conference dinner, please send an email to Ana Brito e Cunha stating your special needs.


FRIDAY 10 June - BANK HOLIDAY in Portugal

Friday, 10 June, is a Bank Holiday in Portugal. Therefore it will not be possible to accept further payments in the CAiSE registration system, after 5 pm GMT, Thursday 9 June.



Late registrations will be accepted at the CAiSE registration desk only in cash (euros). Other payment facilities will not be available, but there are cash machines in the campus of FEUP.