The 2006 International Workshop on
Service Oriented Software Engineering
(IW-SOSE '06)

May 27-28, 2006, Shanghai - China

in conjunction with the
28th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2006)



Saturday, 27 May

09.00-9.30 Welcome and Introduction
9.30-10.30 Keynote
Supporting the Composition of Distributed Business Processes
Paolo Traverso
ITC/IRST (Italy)
Abstract: Web services provide a universal basis for the integration of business processes that are distributed among the most disparate entities, both within an organization and across organizational borders.
One of the major challenges for industry-wide adoption of Web services is the automated composition of distributed business processes, i.e., the development of techniques and tools supporting an effective, reliable, low-cost, and time-efficient composition of distributed business processes. Such tools should provide an automated, transparent, and user centered support to the entire business process life-cycle, from analysis to execution. They should automatically perform the time consuming and error prone task of analyzing business processes in detail, selecting and composing suitable Web services, detecting problems in the interactions, and monitoring execution step by step. They should operate in a transparent and user centered way by suggesting solutions that can be adopted, refused, or refined by business analysts, designers, and programmers.
In the talk, we will discuss some of the main research challenges in this scenario, and some solutions to these challenges. We will focus on supporting tasks such as verification, synthesis and monitoring of distributed business processed.
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Paper session 1: Service Composition
Mixed Initiative Use Cases for Semi-Automated Service: A Survey
Jan Schaffner
Hasso-Plattner-Institute for Software Systems Engineering (Germany)
DODO: A Mechanism Helping to Dynamically Construct Domain Ontologies for Services Integration
Chen Liu, Yanbo Han
Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
Using Assumptions in Service Composition Context
Zheng Lu, Aditya Ghose, Peter Hyland, Ying Guan
University of Wollongong (Australia)
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Paper session 2: Performance of Service Oriented Systems
Performance engineering of service compositions
John Grundy, John Hosking, Lei Li, Na Liu
University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Model Driven Benchmark Generation for Web Services
Liming Zhu (1), Ian Gorton (1), Yan Liu (1), Ngoc Bao Bui (2)
(1)University of New South Wales (Australia), (2) University of Technology, Sidney (Australia)
High Performance SOAP Processing Driven By Data Mapping Template
Wei Jun, Hua Lei, Niu Chunlei
Academy of Sciences (China)
15.30-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-17.00 Discussion of the papers and topics presented in the day
19.30 Dinner (cost to be borne by attendees)

Sunday, 28 May

9.30-10.30 Paper session 3: Service Description
Separating Per-client and Pan-client Views in Service Specification
Hilmar Acker (1), Colin Atkinson (2), Peter Dadam (1),
Markus Lauer (1), Manfred Reichert (3), Dietmar Stoll (2)
(1) University of Ulm (Germany), (2) University of Mannheim (Germany),
(3) University of Twente (The Netherlands)

Formal Functional Description of Semantic Web Services: The Logic Description Method
Li Ye, Junliang Chen
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.30 Paper session 4: Service Discovery and Binding
Seamlessly Integrating Service Discovery into UML Requirements Processes
Konstantinos Zachos, Xiaohong Zhu, Neil Maiden, Sara Jones
City University (UK)
A Framework for Architecture-driven Service Discovery
Alexander Kozlenkov, Vasileios Fasoulas, Francisco Sanchez, George Spanoudakis, Andrea Zisman
City University (UK)
WS Binder: a Framework to enable Dynamic Binding of Composite Web Services
Massimiliano Di Penta (1), Raffaele Esposito (1), Maria Luisa Villani (1), Roberto Codato (2),
Massimiliano Colombo (2), Elisabetta Di Nitto (2)
(1) UniversitÓ del Sannio (Italy), (2) CEFRIEL - Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Paper session 5: Service Oriented System Modeling and Application
An Approach to Web Services Oriented Modeling and Validation
Yujian Fu, Zhijiang Dong, Xudong He
Florida International University (USA)
An Approach for Service Oriented Discovery and Retrieval of Spatial Data
Manoj Paul, S. K. Ghosh
Indian Institute of Technology (India)
15.00-15.30 Discussion of the papers and topics presented in the day
15.30-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-16.30 Discussion (continuation)
16.30-17.00 Wrap up and conclusion
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